Your Appearance Still Weighs a Lot to Most People

A Smiling GirlThe saying “First impressions last” don’t always hold true. A lot of people out there can break social conventions. But whether you like it or not, stereotyping still exists, and many judge others by their appearance.

Are You Open?

It’s interesting how people can determine how open you are based on your appearance on a selfie. According to a study by Nanyang Technological University’s researchers, others (at least their respondents) can predict your openness to new experiences. Note, though, they failed in evaluating other types of personality such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Determining Your Trustworthiness

It’s hard to find strangers and acquaintances credible, but life is all about trust. If you want to make a sale, people should believe not only in your product but also on you. If you like to get the job, the employer must feel he could put you in the position confidently.

In a 2012 study, researchers tried to identify the connection between trustworthiness and unfakeable facial structures. Through a series of trust games, and with the help of computer-generated faces, the team discovered subjects were more likely to invest on those who had a “trustworthy” face. In fact, these honest individuals received around 40 percent more money than those who had an untrustworthy face.

Interestingly, those with a trustworthy face received more money, though the number of investors dropped, even if they had a bad history.

Using Your Face to Your Advantage

A handsome face, however, can only get you far. You still run the risk of losing your job or other people’s trust if you have a poor behavior. It hurts your reputation more if others can’t match your face with your character.

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