Your Office Space Can Reflect Your Company’s Values

Woman WorkingWhen considering your brand marketing strategies, you might think of snappy ads, logos and slogans; in fact, your office or workspace design might be the last thing on your mind. It is vital for your area of work to reflect your company’s branding, however, especially if customers come to your office and conduct business there often.

Your environment should also remind you of the marketing messages and images that you intend to project to your customers. If you are wondering how to achieve that, here are a few ways to consider.

Colours That Reflect Your Company’s Brand

Colours affect people’s moods and are great ways to creatively communicate your brand to clients, or induce the energy you want to project to your employees. Red and yellow, for instance, provide a good sense of high energy, while blue stands for stability, trust, and loyalty. A bit of green, meanwhile, denotes growth and freshness; white symbolises purity and cleanliness.

Lendlease in Singapore, for example, choose a gold and silver colour palette for the façade of Paya Lebar Quarter to unify the seven buildings in the precinct into a single tapestry of the area’s cultural heritage.

Choose Items Based on Your Core Values

Aside from the colours of your office, you also need to have a few pictures and objects that blend well with your work area and do not look out of place. If you are a digital marketing company, for example, you can incorporate edgy and internet-related artworks that reflect your services and core values.

An Organised Layout

Whatever your business is, it is vital to have an organised office space. A cluttered work area might not only distract your employees but also make your customers second guess the quality of service that you are offering. Keep things neat and clean at all times.

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Your office is not just a place to do your daily tasks; it is also a reflection of your company’s culture, core values, and services. So, be sure to take note of these suggestions and apply them in your office décor.

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